June 20, 2016

SWDOG Episode 144 – The Tale of the Wandering George


Ron had every intention of releasing a new episode of Delusions of Granular where he gets granular with a new granular topic but then a funny thing happened: he ran into George Lucas on the streets of Chicago. What takes place is weird and wonderful. Ron tells his story of this chance meeting and ponders the existence of George Lucas after the sale of Star Wars to Disney. Read More

June 7, 2016

SWDOG Episode 140 – Collecting All The Plastic


The toys have always been a big part of the Star Wars universe. If you were a Star Wars fan who grew up in the 1980’s there was one toy company that you were excited about seeing their logo: Kenner. Kenner owned the Star Wars brand and produced some of the best Star Wars toys ever made. Toys that are still coveted by collectors all over the world. Ron takes a look at the recent documentary titled Plastic Galaxy. This film tells the story of how the Star Wars toys became such a phenomenon and took a small toy company and turned it into one of the largest. Join us as we let you know if this documentary is worth checking out. We also give you a little background info on what it was like to be a first generation toy collector! Read More

April 14, 2016

SWDOG Episode 126 – Alienthology


In a galaxy far, far away…there were aliens! This week on Delusions of Granular Steve takes a look at the new book, Tales From a Galaxy Far, Far Away Volume I: Aliens which collects a bunch of short stories (some previously released) about the weird aliens from The Force Awakens. Join Steve as he gets granular with all these strange creatures and their stories! Read More

April 11, 2016

SWDOG Episode 125 – American History Z


In 1969, George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola had a dream: to start their own studio outside of the Hollywood system. A studio where their friends could get together and work on each other’s films. A hippy commune so to speak but without the hippies or the drugs. But the movies they planned on using to fund the endeavor bombed at the box office. Coppola stayed independent and Lucas became the system they hated. Join us as we get granular with the shattered hopes and dreams of American Zoetrope! Read More

April 5, 2016

SWDOG Episode 124 – For Whom The Rebel Tolls


Ahsoka, Vader, Ezra, Kanan and…Maul! There are all there for the season finale of Star Wars: Rebels, but are we on board with all of it? Join Delusions of Granular as we discuss the ending of season two of the show. The whole second half was leading up to these final moments. Moments that started in The Clone Wars. But was this the satisfying ending to these story threads or were we left with more questions? Jp and Ron try to make sense out of it all! Read More

March 31, 2016

SWDOG Episode 123 – Shatterpoint of No Return


Steve takes a look at the Star Wars Legends novel, Shatterpoint. Focusing on Mace Windu and his former Padawan and fellow Jedi Master Depa Billaba, this novel has ties to Joseph Conrad’s novel Heart of Darkness, and the film Apocalypse Now. Even though this book by Matthew Stover is now ruled non-canon, is it still worth your time reading it? Find out as Steve gives us his granular review of Star Wars: Shatterpoint! Read More

March 29, 2016

SWDOG Episode 122 – Big Man in a Little Droid


Ron takes a look at the man inside R2-D2, the one and only Kenny Baker. As Star Wars fans, we may only know Mr. Baker as the man who portrayed the little droid but it turns out the man is known for so much more. Throughout his career, he was a part of may stage productions and acting troupes. He was also very well known as one half of the comedic duo, the Minitones. With his partner, Jack Purvis, also a little person who starred in Star Wars, they created a wildly successful act in England and throughout the world. Kenny Baker is an actor that never let his stature slow him down. Join us as we give him what is by no means a “granular” salute! Read More

March 21, 2016

SWDOG Episode 121 – EO Captain My Captain


Jp and Ron get together to talk about the movie that George Lucas produced two years after Return of the Jedi. Made with Francis Ford Coppola and starring Michael Jackson, the 17 minute movie was mostly just a 3D music video that played in a specially designed theater at the Disney theme parks, but was it actually so much more? Listen as we get granular with the details about this very unique creative endeavor! Read More

March 17, 2016

SWDOG Episode 120 – Commencement Speech


Which came first, the game or the comic? Steve tries to figure that out as he gives a granular review of the first story arc of Knights of the Old Republic: Commencement! Join Delusions of Granular as we get granular with another Legends story! Read More

March 15, 2016

SWDOG Episode 119 – Choose Your Ord Adventure


Han Solo is worried because of ‘that bounty hunter we ran into on Ord Mantell.” But who is he talking about? These little lines dropped into the movie about outside adventures add so much depth the the Star Wars universe. Thankfully, the expanded universe was able to tell us what really happened on Ord Mantell. Or do they? Ron takes a look at a few tellings of the bounty hunter run-in. From the audio drama to the comics to West End Games, the story has been told over and over again. And with none of this being canon anymore, we have the luxury of choosing what we think happened to Han Solo on Ord Mantell. Join Ron as he gets granular with this side mission in the Star Wars universe! Read More

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